What is Contextual Advertising?

Contextual advertising is all about selecting relevant keywords, data and topics that represent your ad and the content within. It is usually within digital marketing and platforms such as apps and websites, where contextual ad systems can scan for keywords to personalise the ads to the readers view.

Benefits of contextual advertising:

Engagement of viewer:

As a viewer/visitor of a website/app, it can get a bit annoying and frustrating having ads that don’t interest you, continuously keep popping up. With the help and guidance from contextual advertising, it will allow your visitors to see relevant ads, information, media and links that will further engage them provide a more useful experience to their needs.

User experience:

It can be very satisfying for a user to be able to find exactly what they are looking for instantly with a click of a button, rather than going through an extensive list of search results and links to only find something that is sub exquisite to what they need. The links that will be displayed from contextual advertising are so deeply generalised and relevant from the keywords generated from their search, that it will ensure that your user has a positive and effective experience.

Cost effective:

Usually when placing an ad on a website, you are basically paying for the placement and display of the ad on the site. Contextual advertising can be seen as a more cost effective marketing method, as you only have to pay the price of the ad’s that have been clicked on, and additionally there will be provided in which the users can make a purchase, resulting in you with a sale.

High sales:

There is a high liability that your sales will be increased more with contextual marketing, as for whatever the users are searching for, they will be provided with relevant information about the product/service that will further engage them to purchase it. It is also easy for the users to share the ads with others and increasing brand exposure.

User privacy:

Contextual advertising uses data from key words that are searched rather than using the user’s data storage, which ensures that your users’ privacy and personal information will not be confined. This makes your ads a more reliable and trustworthy source of information, rather than being considered as spam.

Overview of contextual advertising:

Contextual advertising is definitely something to consider in delivering effective and personalised messages to new and targeted users. It has the ability to make your ad memorable and relevant to your viewer and thus increasing their engagement.

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