Difference Between PR and Advertising

What is advertising?

Advertising is a marketing strategy that is seen everywhere; it is a huge part of our day to day lives and is something you can’t miss even if you are unaware. Advertising is all about communication, and to portray messages about products and services to the public. Its main intention is to inform and influence people who come across the advertisement(s) and to make an impact on them, whether it’s to purchase a particular item or to join a service such as a gym or to switch to a particular phone network. It can come in many forms such as newspapers, on television, social media, the internet, public transport, billboards, radio, events and so on. Advertising helps put your business on a platform and attracts your target market as well as new customers. In addition, the platform will put you against your competitor, and it’s up to the public on which product/service is more influenced on them.

What is PR (Public Relations)?

Difference between PR and AdvertisingMany companies, especially large companies will have a department particularly for their own PR. Having a good and respected reputation is very important in maintaining a successful business and gaining customers/clients trust. In includes every area where people would be able to incorporate their opinion about your business and service and being able to maintain a positive brand image within your marketing.

So what are the differences between PR & Advertising?

The main key difference is that advertising is paid for such as paying a newspaper to create an ad for you, whereas public relations is earned through media, press releases and pitches.

When it comes to target marketing, advertising works in a way that aims to reach out to a specific audience and is very consumed in creating advertisements for a particular set of people. However, PR is much more lenient, and is aimed to target a much wider audience to bring in new connections. PR also works to target influencers like celebrities, or people who have a huge social media following that could potentially promote or be an ambassador to the company.

Another key difference between the two is their aim. Public relations is all about aiming to build a brand image for the company, promoting the business on a wider scale and brining in new connections and influencers. On the other hand, advertising is aiming to promote a certain product or service rather than building a company profile and brand image.

In advertising, you have so much control in the way things go, where it will be laid out, what it will say, the overall image/presentation and where it will be placed. In difference, there is much less control in public relations as it’s all about how the media will present your company to the public and what will even be mentioned.


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