What to watch on tv or why to watch tv , when everything is available online

The Golden age of television is upon us –just not how we expected it.

Our schedules are getting busier, our patience is limiting and the need to have things NOW and on demand is alarming. However, yes, we are watching more television than ever. We’re just doing it on our own schedule.

The huge plethora of devices emerging from the technology industry is somewhat responsible for why we simply choose to neglect our TVs and instead turn to Netflix and Hulu to provide us with our daily doses of television dramas. Here right at our fingertips, seasons upon seasons of episodes lie just waiting to be watched, guiltily tempting us into the concept of the ‘television binge’.  Why wait for a week for our favorite episodes to air on cable when we can simply log into our Netflix accounts to see them all neatly organized and ready to watch systematically?

From movies, to documentaries and even live streams everything and anything is available online. Of course we also have to thank social media for this sudden boom in online tv appeal. With fictional character accounts, constant advertising (I’m looking at you Twitter), an online social hub appears filled with recommendations, new TV trends and suggestions tempting us to start a new drama.

Admittedly, students, and particularly university students are guilty of succumbing to the attraction of online TV. Living away from home, and on a student budget, services such as Sky, or Virgin media just don’t seem to cut the list when it comes to the monthly financial plan. Instead, and very much the more ‘affordable’ way out, we look to the internet. Providing flexibility of where we watch, when we watch and what we watch we no longer have to stick to those TV guides or reserve a specific time to dedicate to our favorite shows.

It’s only a matter of time that TV now as we know it will be gone, and those days spent on the couch watching the large screen in front of us will simply now be a thing of the past.

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