The Client and the Advertiser

 sidrajamilDo you remember the monster under the bed, the vampires, the scary shadows beside the closet? Well you do, but nothing can scare you if you are a creative working in an agency, a design firm or any place where creativity flows.

 Who better understands the Roadrunner and Coyote’s relationship than you? So, what scares the BEJESUS out of you then? It is when you answer your call and your client says, ‘Hey, I’ll drop by today for some time’. Oops, we know what that means; he’s coming to see our progress and what we might be presenting him a week later. Do you ever go to a restaurant and ask the chef to show how he’s preparing your dish and throw in some nice suggestions? Or go in an ICU and check up on how the surgeon is doing his job? NO, you don’t, because your job is to give the brief and stack up your suggestion at the end of the brief just – as a suggestion. Sometimes, you get just the right idea a night before the presentation. If you’re a client, don’t spoil your own surprise.
You know what a marshmallow tastes like. You also know that mushrooms are tasty. But a total madcap would hork the two in the mouth at the same time. Yet, it always happens with great ideas in agencies. The CEO likes idea A but the Managing Director like B, so what do you do? Instead of picking one of them, they merge the two of them together to form a Mr. Hyde. Better to have marshmallows with sprinkles and mushrooms with blue cheese.
Having said all of that, I think no matter what, the Roadrunner and Coyote always make sense best with each other. There can be so much more than this, feel free to share your relations 😉

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