Role of Attitude in a successful business

Attitude defines or delimits the level of success in business. Attitude is the way we think and respond to anything in life; it’s a mood, feeling or an opinion and it affects every aspect in our everyday life. Attitude is a critical component of communication. Organizations spend money and time on employee training development.  Understanding attitudes will develop employees’ knowledge about themselves and how to communicate with others. A positive attitude is an asset that can benefit any business, it’s not what happens to you but how you interpret that happens. Positive or negative attitude is the choice you make; it can make or break any company or business. Success in business depends upon the way we approach our business.

Business is all about interaction with others, since it mainly involves “exchange of value” with others. If our presentation during such interaction is bad (attitude) it will affect our business dealings negatively, but in the same way, if our presentation during the same interaction is good (attitude), it will affect such business interaction positively. Employees who have negative attitude tend to disengage with the company and do not contribute in success of business while on the other hand with the same positive attitude, competencies and skills levels they can take the business to the new heights of success. Based on their attitude towards work, employees feel more or less committed to the job.  Employees with positive attitude are more likely to develop a sense of commitment to the business and stay for the long haul and increase productivity through experience.  Positive attitudes make interaction and collaboration more pleasant and productive.  The encouraging social atmosphere that results from good attitudes creates incentives to be part of the team and gives employees a sense of belonging and emotional investment with the success of the company.  Customers are an annoyance and an inconvenience to employees with a bad attitude, a positive and engaged attitude is likely to result in courtesy, emotional engagement and a real concern for the well-being and satisfaction of the customer. You can succeed and grow rich through persuasion with positive attitude in business.

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Author: Faeza Khan


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