Reasons of the predominance of advertisements

unnamedLooking around in your society, you will realize that we all are part of predominating world of advertising. From road side billboards to commercials interrupting your favorite TV show, our lives have been flooded with all sorts of advertisements about products that we can buy, places we can visit and services we can avail.

While walking down a busy street, you will see buses with advertisement, posters on walls, billboards on road sides, your mail flooded with advertisements and much more. With all such predominance of advertisements around us, we do not realize how advertising is influencing our lives. The basic strategy used by companies for advertising is getting their products familiar to the audience. The more a company advertises, the more they are able to make it to the trolley of a shopper. Taking an example of a chocolate brands in the market, you come across various brands in the market but if someone asks you to name two chocolate companies that come in your mind, majority will mention Cadbury ! You wonder why? Well, the company has spent billions to put their product in the mind of consumers. They not only advertised through various ways but managed to touch the hearts of customers. It is important for all advertisers to predominate the minds of the customer by giving them a reason to buy your product. Such concept is known as Redundancies in Consumer Psychology that believes that showing the stimulus several times creates an impact. All cosmetic products including shampoo, creams and many others are going to tell you that you are going to look better, be more popular in your circle, smell better and enjoy your life. Such feeling allows us to think that a certain advertised product will be good for your personality and you end up buying it. That is how advertisement has predominated you in 45 seconds time!

In daily routine, we do not give much importance to advertisements around us and ignore them. A good commercial will be remembered by the audience without their notice. You might come across a man walking on pedestrian humming an advertisement jingle. Thus, advertisements dominate our mind through subconscious pathway.

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