Life without advertisement

Can you imagine a world without advertisement? Imagine, what would you see in between of television programs? Or how would our newspapers and magazines look like without advertisements- fully loaded with text and news? No billboards on roads too!

Well, such imagination would mean “No one knowing anything”. Advertising brings entertainment and beauty to this world.Advertising Companies all across the world spend millions on their advertising campaigns about their products and achieve a place in your home or office.  Advertising is all about switching from one company to another. One end of advertising gains a place while other end of advertising loses it. The aim of purchasing is always ignited with advertisements running around us. One may not have felt the need of a specific product but advertisements aim to target the customer as he ends up buying it.

In today’s world, every single business needs advertising for its services or products.  Your products and services will remain within your own business circle. No one would know about what are you offering and hence, no one will buy. You will be the only buyer of your product because your company’s services will become word of mouth or a phonebook carrying your business phone number or your business will rely upon walk-in customers. It is rightly said “The Man who stops Advertising to save money is like the Man who stops the clock to save time”. Don’t you want your product to gain customer’s attention in the middle of various other products? When it comes to business plans, a major portion of revenue is spent on advertisements to target the audience in the shape of print ads, electronic ads and billboards.

For example, while you are doing your grocery shopping, advertisements we have already seen narrow down the multitude of choices available for a same product. We choose a product based on their advertisement campaigns we have already seen, their jingles and brand labels. We are able to choose a product more confidently and tell ourselves that we have chosen the best because advertisements make us feel so.

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