Global Marketing

Marketing is the equilibrium between customers and competitors. Global marketing is the effort used by the company to introduce the product globally by using marketing strategies to meet the needs of global customers .We define global marketing as when a firm introduces the product locally & globally and also mange or defend the stability of cost, efficiency, customization and localization under the limits of cost effective way.

Why global marketing is important? People across the countries get to know about more products to solve the problems. It gives more business to the company. Through global marketing we examine the high difference in the productivity respective. It expands the customer’s circle for the regulation of money supply global marketing is important. Global marketing gives the opportunity to know about the language, lifestyle, and behavioral patterns of people belongs to different countries and regions .Global marketing is important for those companies who want to explore market and business in other countries .Global marketing gives the chance to work with the huge industry .Pizza hut, KFC, McDonald’s are the lessons of the global market.

Global marketing gives another opportunity to maintain cash flows and grow your business. The most important step to introduce the product globally you must have enough knowledge about the trends, climate, person’s preferences, of desire country .Otherwise it will leave a harmful impact on the sales .For example to introduce a whitening cream where people already have the whitening completion .In this case people will not appreciate your marketing complain.

Internet global marketing is the new terminology regarding global business .E Bay and Amazon are the revolutionary change in internet global marketing .The cheap and cost effective way to introduce a product and services across nations. Small business targeted their customers easily through internet global marketing.

Globalization makes it possible to promote the product and services, make it possible to work together, and solve the social issues.

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