Benefits of Media for Children and Teenagers

Benefits of Media copyExposure to media is inescapable so does its impact, media offer entertainment, culture, news, sports and education.  They are an important part of our lives and have much to teach. . Teenagers are exposed to all sorts of media outlets, from television, movies and advertising to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However benefits of media for younger children are developing their literacy skills learning letters of the alphabet through programs such as Play School, Dora the explorer and Sesame Street. Kids learn to count through programs for kids. Intellectual benefits are gained through developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills by playing computer games. Educational benefits which media encompasses ais encouraging reading after watching a particular program or movie based on a book. Creative benefits for example, developing skills in imagination, art and modeling, music and media, through software to create a picture, or being inspired to make something by a TV show. Teens can benefit from media exposure by developing cultural and political awareness. Television, films, magazines and social media sites expose teens that may otherwise be limited to interactions with people from their own cultural and ethnic backgrounds to an array of different people. Exposure to news and information about events taking place around the globe allow the teens to participate in social charitable work and ways to engage in benevolent deeds.  Benefits for teens engaged in social media include increased social confidence, more social support and heightened media literacy. Social media diversifies teen’s social skills, which will help them navigate through a technologically astute society.

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan and Media with all its forms has become part of the modern teenage lifestyle. It makes our life so much easier and much more efficient. It has become an essential part of our communication culture that cannot be taken away easily, because we are so dependent on it. Without media we wouldn’t be able to connect with people the way we do now.


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