Be the choice of the unconscious mind!

This perfume or that perfume?

This lawn or that Lawn design?

The variety, the dilemma…..

It’s all about making choices that we have to make. We are surrounded all day with the variety of choices that we have to make.

Some life changing choices and some day-to-day choices.

Decision about what product to use for our hair, or decision about what to have for lunch or dinner, decision about what book to read, even the smallest decision like what route to take to go back home. But what are the many options, what do we base our decisions on?

Many a times these decisions are based on our personality or it’s just our decision, our instincts. But no, we are unaware of the fact that these decisions are more influenced unconsciously by what we watch TV, by word of mouth of people, by what is popular. Why is that? It’s human nature to choose the best for themself, to be liked and be accepted by society. One will not find anyone who doesn’t feel happy when they are appreciated for their looks, nature or choices they have made. Therefore advertisement and how a product is perceived in the minds of the consumer has to be positive. Because when they go to a shop and are thinking what shampoo, the mind is analyzing what products are liked by his/her friends.

Be the choice of the unconscious mind!!!  got-choices1

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