A World through your Lens

Photography is a non-verbal way of communication and it is equally effective and successful way. Worldwide photography is loved by many people and it’s a visual treat for audience. A person can acquire complete career out of it. Photography is complete field in itself.

Photography is not just about capturing pictures but it capturing meaningful events, moments and somebody’s vision. Photography can be emotional, motivational or view point. There are many fields in photography. These fields are fashion photography, product photography, wild life photography, wedding, events, journalism, nature, aerial, satellite, paparazzi, photo sessions, magazine shoots, sports photography, and architectural photography.

A person can acquire career in any of these fields and make career out of it. There are many photography courses available and to learn about photography. A huge variety of cameras are available in the market for example; Digital camera and DSLR (Digital Single-Len Reflex) cameras. Digital cameras are for normal routines, for those who don’t know photography and these cameras are not used for professional purposes. DSLR cameras are used for professional purposes. A person who knows photography can use it well.

There was a time when people had to restrict themselves because they had only 12, 24 or 36 pictures. But know they have an option to click as many as pictures they like and have freedom because now we have memory cards in our cameras. Memory cards have different storage capacities. In earlier time’s people even needed to go to a photo developers shop to develop pictures. The process of picture developing was quite expensive and use to consume a lot of time but now you no need to develop pictures and save them directly to your computer. You can even edit your picture yourself.

Now students have more chances and opportunity to learn photography. Photography is taught as a subject in many institutes. Young generation is fonder of photography and used it more often and they have access to it all the time because now we have cameras in our mobile phones. A mobile provides you up to 20 mega pixel camera. People can take amazing shots from mobile.

Photography is visual treat and viewers depict photographers’ imagination and point of view. Photography is all about perception and interpretation. It’s artistic and pictorial thought portrayed through a visual. There is a lot of competition in the field of photography and people are making career out of it. There are many companies providing amazing quality of images and has amazing camera features. The bigger the Lens, the better picture.

An anonymous photographer said,” When people ask me what photography equipment I use- I tell them my eyes.” Photography is all about vision and what and how you perceive things. Let your words be fewer and exposures many.

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