Why Digital Marketing Is a Must for Your Business

What is digital marketing:

Digital marketing is basically any kind of marketing form that is resulted in it being digital and involves the use of digital devices. Certain areas that digital marketing can form under are, social media, search engines, analytics, content management, video production, mobile apps, websites and email.

Why Digital Marketing Is a Must for Your Business

The benefits of using digital media in your business:

Technology is something that we cannot simply avoid completely, it is embedded and plays a huge role in our day to day livelihood.

Small businesses:

When you have a new business, it can be fairly difficult to get the ball rolling and getting noticed from your competitors, especially large companies like ‘Tesco’ and ‘Starbucks’. In can be quite pressuring for instance having just opened up a coffee shop and then to discover that there is a ‘Starbucks’, ‘Café Nero’, or ‘Costa’ a few blocks down from you, but that’s where digital marketing comes in and almost steps as a saviour especially for small companies to compete with large companies or simply just get on their feet. Such as being able to uphold a top-ranking position in the market, with a smaller advertising budget. With effective management control, smaller businesses have more of an insight into generating smarter decisions regarding their investments.


Digital marketing is very useful in both reaching a wide set audience, and also specifically reaching your target market. Unlike having an ad in a magazine can potentially reach your target market but on a much smaller scale, and there’s additional uncertainty, digital marketing can reach your target market on a much larger scale and dissect huge amounts of demographics. With digital marketing you can create and optimise an ad that is hugely specific to that particular person that you want to attract, that the likelihood of actually attracting this person is much bigger than general advertising. A key example is SEO (search engine optimization) is a popular digital marketing strategy that helps put your website at the top of the search list when someone types in key words and increases the level of traffic you get on your website.


An issue with using traditional ways of marketing your ad such as placing your ad in a newspaper, is that you don’t know how well your ad has performed with the public/viewers. Analytics is another type of digital marketing and a must have especially for your business, as you can track the progress of how well your ad is doing, if they have interacted with it, if it’s been shared with another person, average time on how long they have viewed your ad, if its influenced a sale, where globally it has been viewed, and also learn about the type of person who is viewing your ad to then direct you to a targeted group or wider group(s). With all these perks in analytics you can further customise and edit your ad to improve within your ideal market and increasing the likelihood of keeping on top of ranks.


If you want your business to keep up with the roaring and ever-growing use of technology, digital marketing is the way. It will help advance and grow your business in a much wider context than traditional marketing, by exposing your business to different audiences as well as your target market.

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