First of all it has been redefined , what we use to call media in the past.We used to get a newspaper in the morning or a tabloid from a bus stop , reading it all the way to our destinations or we switch on the tv to get the latest updates about the happenings ,which were a lot around the world but there were less happenings known to us at every hour .Not to mention a nostalgia attached to a traditional voice of radio , either its BBC or any other popular one that tells you the stories of worlds far away from you . […]

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Expansion of Market Through Media and For Media

Expanding the advertising market is in other words, is to add in more product into the stream , motivating the products and services those are not trying to become national brands and have potential to break the geographical regional boundaries and enter into other cities and increase their demand and arrange to maintain the supply line for the new markets. […]

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