Media: How does it really affect our Mental Health and Well-being

Media’s power to impact public perception and the extent to which people are exposed to media representations makes the mass media one of the most significant influences in societies. The media everything from radio, television, film to games, advertising Agencies in Pakistan and social media platforms like facebook and twitter can have significant effect on [...]

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Benefits of Media for Children and Teenagers

Exposure to media is inescapable so does its impact, media offer entertainment, culture, news, sports and education.  They are an important part of our lives and have much to teach. . Teenagers are exposed to all sorts of media outlets, from television, movies and advertising to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. [...]

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Highly cited Media and Cultural studies

The media are a ubiquitous presence in the lives of contemporary youth. The television shows they watch, the music they listen to, the video games they play, and the websites they visit all play a major part in young people’s lives, offering them a stream of different experiences, ideas, and knowledge. Unlike disciplines such as [...]

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The role of media in today’s world

Amongst many factors that are involved in shaping up the values and beliefs of the society, Media as an influential factor takes the lead. With high changing speed of evolution in today’s world, media takes the responsibility to inform and educate people through it so that they can match the changing trends.  Keeping in mind [...]

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Violence in Media: Effect on Behavior

One of the noteworthy changes in our social environment in the 20th and 21st centuries has been the infiltration of our culture and daily lives by the mass media. In general, researchers define violence in media as visual portrayals of physical aggression by one human or human-like character against another. Violence is unfortunately one of the most [...]

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Cross media promotion

The cross media promotion has been reformed with new dynamics and dimensions,  especially after the advent of electrifying, social and digital media. Cross media is generally a term used for integrated media solutions. Whenever, a campaign is launched on multiple media for blanket coverage, i.e., in order to ensure the consumer couldn't skip the message of [...]

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  The world has seen many centuries , thousands of them , most of them unrecorded and it seems the time of black and white pictures have been changed and a new era of digitization have changed the whole scenario of human life . The generations of next centuries shall be considering us as media [...]

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