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Oil and Gas industry Growth in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed to be rich in natural resources of oil and gas and has the capacity to become self-sufficient in energy. Geographical location of Pakistan makes it the ‘regional gateway’ for energy. Since the independence, Pakistan industry has seen phenomenal growth in oil and gas sector by making large indigenous discoveries. Pakistan mainly depends [...]

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Advantages of App Development for Businesses

The world has gone globalized, where people like to interact instantly with one another from one corner of the world to another. The revolution of mobile technology has paved a way for businessmen to consider the impact of interaction with the end users. The end user can be anyone– a customer, an employee, a business [...]

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Latest Advertising trends in 2015

The amalgam of technology and creative advertising tools has enabled the collective comprehensive branding and advertising to grow at a rapid pace. With the changes in business we need to remain updated about the changes in market. The majority of the trends in 2015 will be about the digital sector as the traditional forms of [...]

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Role of Attitude in a successful business

Attitude defines or delimits the level of success in business. Attitude is the way we think and respond to anything in life; it’s a mood, feeling or an opinion and it affects every aspect in our everyday life. Attitude is a critical component of communication. Organizations spend money and time on employee training development.  Understanding [...]

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Media: How does it really affect our Mental Health and Well-being

Media’s power to impact public perception and the extent to which people are exposed to media representations makes the mass media one of the most significant influences in societies. The media everything from radio, television, film to games, advertising Agencies in Pakistan and social media platforms like facebook and twitter can have significant effect on [...]

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Benefits of Media for Children and Teenagers

Exposure to media is inescapable so does its impact, media offer entertainment, culture, news, sports and education.  They are an important part of our lives and have much to teach. . Teenagers are exposed to all sorts of media outlets, from television, movies and advertising to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. [...]

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Advertising a way of Business or waste of money

In the past, the evolution of advertising has mitigated the advancement of technology. Nowadays almost every business utilizes some type of advertising while promoting the product. Advertisements does have its own pros and cons, but the pros weight more over the cons. Excessive advertisement helps the brands get recall and it keeps hitting the top [...]

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