Latest Advertising trends in 2015

The amalgam of technology and creative advertising tools has enabled the collective comprehensive branding and advertising to grow at a rapid pace. With the changes in business we need to remain updated about the changes in market. The majority of the trends in 2015 will be about the digital sector as the traditional forms of advertising are becoming second-rate to the digital realm, which continues to become more complex and powerful. Mobile video consumption is growing very rapidly and providing advertisers with a way to reach the consumers when they are paying attention. Mobile video viewers can be termed as ‘captive’ audience. The trend of mobile video ads is a technique to take advantage of the undivided attention of digital screen users. Videos are made interactive by brands as they have introduced interactive advertisements using technology to tell the story.  Honda Civic and Civic R-Type YouTube experience is a very impressive example which allows switching between two different stories whenever ‘R’ is pressed and held on keyboard.

Latest advertising in Pakistan

Native ad spending will climb largely because advertisers are seeing above average engagement with this format. When websites feature advertisements that emulate the content and style of their own site, it is native advertising Agencies in Pakistan. Native advertisements are normally long-shape blog entries, info graphics or features that expect to educate, divert and rouse individuals without straightforwardly promoting an item. A standard banner ad from a clothing retailer may promote a winter clothing deal, yet a local promotion from the same retailer may examine winter style tips. Commonly, Native advertisements are labeled with a disclaimer, for example, ‘supported content’, ‘paid post’ or ‘promoted by’. While social media keeps on developing, the offline experience will be pretty much as vital in 2015. Brands researchers also start to use social media as a tool to measure the success of brand activation. We will see the online and offline sign up to make an additionally captivating brand encounter that urges consumers to spend more one-on-one time with their brand. As technology is developing continuously we will get to see an increase in creative data collection which will enable to dig deeper to gain essential customer insights, increasing the success of brand activations. With the varying habits and preferences of consumers the channels are changing as well to get the most out of advertising while testing new strategies which will dominate in 2015.

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